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FOREX Factory is a complete source (All in one) of news, tips, the economic calendar for FOREX, Crypto, and others (metal, commodities). In this video, I will demonstrate how to use the forex factory website effectively and how this can be an excellent source of summarized information for the retail or professional day traders, swing traders, or for scalpers in Bangla/Bengali. This website can be a good starting point for the forex beginners and can also be useful for the advanced level traders in the financial market. Most of us know about this forex factory, but we don’t know how to use its hidden features which includes forum, chart, analysis, signals, tips, market sentiment, etc.

Link of Forex Factory:

The video will also show you how to do news analysis, to develop forex strategies, get free forex signals, crypto news & calendar, to know the impacts of forex or fundamental news on market, to use forex factory news indicator, how to read economic chart and calendar, etc. The tutorial is made in Bengali and will be useful for the people who are searching for Bangla forex tutorials. Many believe that forex is a good online earning source without investing a huge amount, but earning money online without depositing a high amount needs a lot of forex education and market speculation. Pro-investors Hub always inspires new or struggling traders to learn forex first and later they should do live trading using meta trader or other platforms using reliable and trustworthy brokers.

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