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Forex Trade Beginners guide to Trading on Bitmex, How to short on, Bitmex trading strategies and more

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Foreign exchange Commerce Inexperienced persons information to Buying and selling on Bitmex, The way to brief on, Bitmex buying and selling methods and extra

Hey guys,

On this video we’ll discuss –

1. What’s Bitmex? Why ought to about it?

2. What do you imply by leverage and margin?

3. The way to go brief and the right way to go lengthy on Bitmex?

4. The way to use cease loss on Bitmex?

5. Bitmex buying and selling methods for inexperienced persons?

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Some actually superb stuff if you wish to learn up extra on Bitmex buying and selling methods

I discovered this on reddit

That is from Bitmex

That is from Howtotoken on Bitcoin futures and utilizing bitmex

This is a superb piece on medium which helps you perceive bitmex methods utilizing sensible examples

All of the above have been my sources of inspiration.

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