Forex Trade VERY early stream | Hypixel SkyBlock Hardcore

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Foreign exchange Commerce VERY early stream | Hypixel SkyBlock Hardcore

bruh what am I doin lmao

Hardcore “Ironman” Profile Guidelines:
(zero interplay with different gamers):
– participant drops off
– no trades
– no auctions
– no bazaar
– no splashes (use milk if splashed potions assist together with your present scenario. As splashes are out of my management, if a troll splashes simply after I drink my pots I will not void the consequences as long as they do not considerably impact gameplay)
– all the time nicked with nickhider
– can solely give items, not obtain.
– can solely queue dungeons utilizing the social gathering finder function.
– no organized dragon events. Leeching and inserting a portion of eyes is allowed however provided that you did not set up the social gathering or are concerned with the one who did set up it.
– no shopping for gems or utilizing cookies / bits.

(no deaths) however with exceptions:
– dying by a glitch or trolling would not rely.
– hearth trial failures are usually not deaths.
– dying with remnants and saving grace doesn’t rely, even when the dying counter rises.
– dying in dungeons doesn’t rely (you do not lose cash or pots, and are routinely revived, that is hardly a “dying”).
UPDATE: To make dungeons honest with the no dying loophole, I’m solely allowed 3 dying runs per day. If I do not die on a dungeons run, that run is “free”. If I die in 3 separate runs that is it for the day.

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*this can be a stream*


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